ø 50 ways to make money while you sleep ø

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fifty ways to make money while you sleep: probably the most complete, most up-to-date and most honest guide to passive income systems in the world :

the ultimate definitive guide to auto-pilot income systems: are you ready to learn about something incredible that could revolutionize the way you see work, income and how to get money?

pay close attention – this is interesting stuff. There are, essentially, just two honest ways to make money (you know this is true): either a) – you ” sell your time for money ” which means you work, get paid… And then have to go back to work again (until you are old and tired – because as soon as you stop working, you stop getting paid.)

or b) – you leverage revenue-generating assets which create continued or repeated income . (aka. “do the work once and keep on getting paid”).

fact : it’s well known that the truly wealthy and successful didn’t get there by doing jobs that pay by the hour . They get there by creating systems that generate profit by providing usefulness or other forms of value – and then they automate or outsource the running of those systems to people who need jobs.

well designed and properly executed passive revenue systems can often be surprisingly simple – and can free their owners to go and do other things while the business makes money for them ; whereas the people that do the jobs – even the better jobs – are typically the people who haven’t developed the assets, specific knowledge or sk…read more detail

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