[plugin] 60 second sales pages includes 100 sales and squeeze page templates for wordpress

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and with up to fifty sales pages and fifty squeeze pages built in, you won t be lost for choice when building your sites. This deal comes with a developer licence meaning it s okay to build sites for clients, and it s also okay to use the plugin to build sites that you intend to flip for profit. I know how important that is to you because it s important to me too. This is how it all came about. Dissatisfied with theme based systems that locked me into their one single appearance, i put my thinking cap on and came up with the page template plugin. (it s taken over two years of prototype coding and design for me to get to this stage, but that s a story for another time.) my logic is that as wordpress will only let you have one single theme active at a time… And if you ve chosen a theme that suits your purposes, then why should you have to change from the theme of your choice and get locked into another one just because you want to put sales and squeeze pages on your site? that simply does not make any sense to me, and from what i ve been told, it doesn t make much sense to anyone else. And i bet it doesn t make much sense to you either… By approaching this problem from a plugin perspective, we can still get all the functionality of wordpress powered sales and squeeze pages, and completely divorce the functionality from any single theme. Now that is what i call a result yeah… Fifty sales page templates and fifty squeeze page templates. Included as bonuses as part of this 1…read more detail

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