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instant download over 200 pages only 21.95 my mother used to tell me "sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you." gotta love my mom but whatever she was talking about did not include resumes or linkedin profiles.

your linkedin profile is every bit as and maybe even more important than your resume. The wrong words on your resume and linkedin profile can keep you from getting a job interview. And believe you me this kind of rejection hurts.

your career and even lifestyle can be ‘directly and dramatically limited.’ look, i guarantee you that causing an employer to *cringe* is not going to spark any interest in you and you will definitely ‘strike out .’ there are so many words that can cause employers to cringe and reject you – in fact- there are 1,797 of them.

i have sat alongside numerous employers as they searched, scanned, and reviewed linkedin profiles. I have seen them frown while reading and reject even qualified candidates s imply because they did not appreciate their verbiage.

like it or not , you are being "judged" by your words. Besides your picture , words are all you have on your profile. Words must do all the work for you. You cannot afford to have any words working against you.

if you are like most linkedin users and job hunters, you might be surprised to learn there are 1,797 words that not only make you look bad , but can cause employers and clients to cringe and shun you.

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