Quickest way to lose weight for busy working professionals

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monday, 8:23 a.m. From the desk of: daniel ho subject: “losing the corporate belly” i t’s 6:07 a.m. As you step out of the shower, it seems like just another monday morning . It’s time to get ready for work. As you wait for the bathroom mirror to unfog, you step on the scale to weigh yourself.

while you’re waiting for the scale to do it’s thing, you start thinking about how much you enjoyed this past weekend. It’s a shame the weekend had to end and you have to go to work this morning.

you look down at the scale and read the bright unflinching numbers. How in the world could this have happened? you start thinking about what you ate over the weekend at the time, it didn’t seem like it was fatty foods. You can’t think of any of weight gaining activities you did either.

thinking of using liposuction as the quickest way to lose weight? think again. First, like any surgery there are health risks with getting liposuction. Second, it doesn’t adjust your metabolism so your body won’t maintain your lighter body weight on its own it work overtime to put the missing fat back on

but here’s another reason why liposuction isn’t a long-term answer. A study done by the new england journal of medicine revealed that health indicators like blood pressure, triglycerides, insulin resistance, and cholesterol are still the same in spite of losing up to 25 pounds of body fat in liposuction.

so you’re lighter (temporarily) but not any healthier you start thinking, …read more detail

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