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do you want to write 12 picture books in 12 months? in 12 x 12, you’ll get the motivation and accountability you need to get those drafts finished, all with the support of the friendliest writing community on earth. Registration is closed for 2013, but you can sign up here to get information about 2014 when it becomes available.

i am one manuscript away from completing the 12 12 in 2012 challenge, and i cannot say enough good things about it. If you are thinking you might like to do it do it if you are thinking you re not ready yet do it if you are wondering where you will find the time do it i promise, you won t regret it. Carrie finison

already, 2013 participants are raving about 12 x 12. See what they have to say in this video. Then sign up to get information about joining next year

need more inspiration? watch this video from tim mccanna , one of this year’s participants. More faqs are answered after the video.

have more questions? read on for answers to the most common ones. Want more incentive to join next year? check out some of the testimonials from last year’s participants.

simple. We set out to write twelve complete picture book drafts in a given year. One picture book draft per month for each of the twelve months of the year. This means a first draft: beginning, middle, end. Not a submission-ready piece.

who is sponsoring the 12 x 12? author julie hedlund launched the challenge at the end of 2011 after realizing she onl…read more detail

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