Romantic love letters to improve your relationship

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date: thursday 8pm from: jill brennan, relationship coach if you& 39;ve struggled in the past trying to write a love letter, then this may be the most important letter you& 39;ll ever read.

but if you& 39;re like most people you struggle knowing what to write. Don& 39;t worry, you& 39;re not alone. Heaps of people get stuck when it comes to sitting down and putting their emotions on paper. It sure isn& 39;t easy.

because i& 39;ve been writing love letters to my husband for more years than i care to count (we& 39;ve been together nineteen years so that gives you some idea that we& 39;re not talking a mere year or two ).

and i know when i started it was tough. I didn& 39;t even know how to begin. How do you put all these complex emotions that are swirling around in your head and your heart and get them to make sense on paper ?

there& 39;s no better feeling than knowing that you are loved unconditionally and to me that& 39;s what love letters are about – they& 39;re solid evidence of a love that has endured and continues to grow.

but they not only help keep love alive in a relationship, they can stop misunderstandings and resentments from gathering strength and steamrolling into wide chasms. Whenever i get a love letter from my husband i& 39;m reminded that he& 39;s doing his best and while sometimes things get forgotten or overlooked, he didn& 39;t deliberately forget something just to annoy me. His letters let me see our relationship from his…read more detail

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