Stop cat urine odor – 18 ways to stop cat urine odor problems

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stop feeling angry, spending money, and wasting time i have to admit it. I almost gave up all hope of solving scout’s cat urine odor problem. I just about did the unthinkable because i was so darn frustrated and at the end of my rope. But today i’m happy to say i finally solved scout’s cat urine problem. So i want to share with you how –

these 18 solutions saved my house, furniture, and scout’s life soon after we adopted her, she stopped using the cat litter box. It didn’t take long for this peeing business to freak me out. I didn’t like it, but i thought it would go away on its’ own.

but scout didn’t stop. No pun intended, but i was pissed i really hated cleaning cat urine all over my house. However…

you don’t have to lose your mind and your prized possessions i know you’ve spent untolds amount of money on: replacing these items hurts . Worst of all, we were running out of solutions. And the money we spent – i stopped counting at $2793.00 .

it was exhausting to clean cat urine every day . I started thinking about sending scout back to the feline rescue organization. It never crossed my mind to put her to sleep, make her an outdoor cat, or banish her to the basement. But i just stayed so damn mad all the time. More on her in a moment.

what i didn’t know then is that – cat urine odor is a huge problem, but it’s very, very curable i wish cats didn’t stop using the litter box to tell us something’s wrong. This is totally unnecessary, having t…read more detail

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