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love is all you need a new film report lots of love stories what a beautiful film it gives me such pleasure to report on a film which has some terribly deft humor along with a moving story of love actually, a number of stories concerned with that subject but one warmer than the others.

brosnan and dyrholm make a great pair the stellar characters are pierce brosnan and the lovely actress, trine dyrholm. The story begins in copenhagen, denmark but centers on marriage scheduled between brosnan s son and the daughter of trine dyrholm in an italian villa owned but scarcely occupied by brosnan.

both comedy and love bouts it starts off as a comedy of coincidences between these two strangers brosnan and dyrholm with a parking garage car collision, and proceeds onwards with their relationship and ancillary bouts of affection as well as disaffection among wedding party participants .everything here is pitched with heartening music and scenes that breathe fresh life into anyone seeing it. (after the film: folks were smiling.)

marvelous acting i was elated with how well brosnan plays his role, which in the hands of a lesser actor could not have lifted this film up to the warm heights it well achieved. And dyrholm portrays a wronged woman who is charming as well as good and pure. To see these two actors starting out in deadly combat with each other yet in each of their minds a kind of gradually forming affection, stunned however by past experiences that won t leave…read more detail

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