Teen gold guide

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frustrated with world of warcraft? fed up trying to making gold? still saving for the epic flying skill or for that 20,000g armor from the auction house?

adapted, written and condensed specially to answer the worries of a teenager the internet is already full of lists of items to sell, routes to take, places to farm, or things to craft with your warcraft professions. I won’t insult your intelligence by giving you a cut-n-paste relist.

and change how much gold your character has in his/her pockets written for school students and under 21s, i know this can help teenagers with their specific barriers to gold. So i was extra pleased to get a tweet from one reader telling me that actually …

“a lot of what you’re saying can be said for anyone with very little time , such as parents with new born babies”

i can still remember how frustrating it was to try and play world of warcraft in snatched moments after my own kids slept. I’ve dealt with those barriers myself. If you’re a parent and frustrated with trying to help your teen learn how to make gold, grab a copy for yourself so you can learn together.

when i talk to my guild mates, i don’t understand why they are burning themselves out trying to make a 5,000g when they could be making up to 10-20,000g an hour.

"it’s not hard " i tell them, when they ask me how to get gold. "so why can’t i make as much as you?" so i grin and show them, i feel so proud that the…read more detail

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