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forget everything you’ve heard about making money with videos until you’ve read this.. "now you can use our ridiculously easy-to-use video brander elite to explode your affiliate commissions .. And here’s the most ingenious part.. don’t even have to make your own videos " this is not just another web page telling you that ‘video is hot’. You’re intelligent enough to already know that, so i won’t waste your time trying to convince you of something you are well aware of.

however, what i have to show you about video is very different than what you’ve been told and it will change how you think about marketing with video from this point on.

it’s not your fault, but you’ve been leaving commissions on the table unknowingly and i have to break some news to you that’s a little shocking…

"affiliate marketers have been kept out-of-the-loop and prevented from prospering with online video "

up to this point, video has been for the makers of the videos who control them and show them to put money into their own pockets. Well times are changing

i’m sure you’ve seen videos embedded on sales pages, or linked from them? those videos were created by the product vendors to promote and/or demonstrate their products, but as an affiliate you could not use those videos as a marketing tool because there was no way to make sales commissions directly from them.

that one important element was left o…read more detail

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