vintage and antique quilt patterns

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imagine having over 200 antique classic quilt patterns at your fingertips browse through the patterns, descriptions and instructions, then print the pattern you want and start quilting – today

we have just added five more patterns for a total of 206 patterns that are really valuable to quilting enthusiasts whether novice or’s a digital replica of the famous classic full size 8 x 10 quilting book entitled:

sale 5 cents a pattern yes, one nickel it is much easier to use than a paper book with your ebook, you don’t have to worry about damaging or losing the various pieces of your patterns as you repeatedly make tracings onto fabric, just print the pattern and instructions you need.

wow what a great e-book and idea.i have started printing out some of it, everything is going smoothly… Once again a big thank you. – liz

i just downloaded and looking through it and it is great, history and pattern too – billie i really like the book and the patterns. I had never done anything like this before (download) but it was not a bad experience and it was so quick and easy. No waiting for the mail man to deliver it weeks later – bonnie

this is great-thank you so very much love it – heidi this is a terrific find and a great buy thanks, paula thanks so much. My mom is in quilting heaven with these patterns. – margaret perfect for a novice or a pro whether you are a novice or an accomplished, experienced quilter, this wonderful book will…read more detail

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