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there is no xbox 360 repair guide that is this detailed, we practically hold your hand through out the video on how to fix your xbox 360 from the red light of death. We show you what other guides fail to mention.

video and textbook/picture tutorials to show you how to easily fix every xbox 360 problem with common house hold tools no special knowledge is required and you can try our guides 100% “risk-free” . Get your love back within an hour if you only have one of the problems and don’t care for the extra guides, let me assure you that one day you will get to those other problems. These systems are just like cars, they require maintenance over time

a simple effective solution easy enough for complete newbies. Don’t send your 360 to microsoft for a 4-6 week repair where all they do is replace it with a refurbished system that will get the problem again.

start playing your favorite games again within 45 mins – 2 hours in just 5 simple steps and never worry about the red light of death coming back, guaranteed or your money back

the method used in this guide cannot be found freely on the net. It is not on you tube, or any forums. All those guides only offer a temporary fix and are proven to kill the life of your system drastically.

step-by-step video tutorials four videos taking you by the hand from taking the xbox 360 apart, performing the repair, and putting everything back together.

picture guides for all problems easily re…read more detail

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