"helping mother nature – a fertility guide" – heather bruce

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– internationally renowned acupuncturist, naturopath, lifestyle counsellor and acclaimed wise woman if baby-making has eluded you till now, i invite you, please, to stop and take stock of your situation.

why is such an essential, natural process missing in your life? is ivf not working for you? it is possible that, just as you have developed your life and its consequences so far, you can affect the course of your future by changing a few things.

quite often, we hope that by just continuing what we have been doing we will get what we want waiting for it magically to fall into our laps. That doesn’t happen.

altering where you are now could change the rest of your life. If we have been involved in any individual project – for example, creating a stunning garden from a piece of land, embarking on marathon running, or doing any form of award-winning effort, such as earning a degree we know we need to push ourselves beyond the comfort zone.

so it is with pregnancy. We may choose merely to wait things out and hope for the best, possibly believing that good behaviour will somehow automatically grant us what we want.

alternatively, we could become proactive, taking more responsibility, if we knew what to do. This can lead to a far better outcome, going way beyond the usual positive pregnancy test that you may currently be praying for.

even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before, it s incredibly easy to do. Just follow …read more detail

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