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from: kerri stocks wednesday, 3:45 p.m. My son has autism, and i also have a younger daughter. He was affected very strongly by his social surroundings, and his emotions overloaded him every minute.

here& 39;s what i did to help, and here& 39;s what i& 39;ve got to offer you :- " i developed 4 books to help my children keep their power and self dignity in tact." ( i have over thirteen years experience with asd / aspergers / autism, both as a mother and as a consultant to parents , as well as holding academic qualifications as & 39;post grad cert in advanced disabilities studies& 39; )

these 4 books are written in step-by-step format to make talking to kids about different situations easier for parents.

due to all parents having extremely busy lifestyles, it can become like just another chore to have to listen andbreakdown our children s daily experiences and issues, and even then we may struggle tohave the right words.

children have a mountain of situations happen to them daily, and without the appropriate advice and strategies to assist them in dealing with these, they most likely show their discomfort and distress in behavioral manners that are deemed inappropriate in society.

i have called my 4 books, "rules of the game", book 1, 2, 3, and 4. Here are the 4 "rules of the game" books children are not born with the knowledge of emotions nor social situations, regardless of label or no label.

i believe so…read more detail…

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