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from the desk of: theo steward, re: the fastest way to stop your baby& 39;s colic the worst part for us as parents – this is our experience talking – was coping with the yelling that wouldn& 39;t stop and feeling guilty because nothing we tried worked. We needed a system that would help us get results and repair family bonds.

four babies out of five "breeze" through the solid food weaning months as they grow accustomed to eating "normal everyday nutrients" and one baby in five starts a long period of difficult adaptation, crying their hearts out almost yelling their outrage at the demands their digestive system is imposing them in terms of pain.

with the millions of babies being born every year, that is a lot of babies and parents that have to undergo the colic ordeal.

nothing is more frustrating than not knowing why your baby is crying. Feeling powerless while your baby is screaming because of tummy pain is like torture. You can start doing something about this right now

i can t count the number of hours i spent carrying my baby son around on my arm, trying to soothe him into sleep while his mom was catching up on some sorely needed sleep.

i remember vividly how, after a couple of hours, my arm would go numb because i knew that if i put my baby son back in his cold bed, he would wake up again and it would start all over again.

so my wife and i both went looking for solutions until we found the answers that brought…read more detail…

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