Beat black kids by asadah

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option 2: electronic version click here to order & receive the downloadable ebook version of: beat black kids (1-3 minutes depending on your connection speed. )

join the beat black kids fanclub join us on facebook format: pdf format (requires adobe acrobat reader) – via 1-2 minute download. Click here to purchase the ebook: beat black kids

this ebook will be delivered within 1 to 3 minutes of payment. For questions or for more information, contact asadah (646)359-6605 or email her at

click here to see our upcoming radio shows it doesn’t matter if you’ve grown up in a poor background or a rich background, i feel like if you start young with certain things, you won’t have to end up spanking the child as a tool to get them to listen to you.

herbert b. — youth advocate, new …read more detail…

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