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finally an inspiring, easy to read book jam-packed with proven strategies, insights and gems revealed by other parents of deaf children and deaf adults to help you raise a happy, thriving deaf child

great news for families of deaf and hard of hearing children, teachers of the deaf, audiologists, speech pathologists, newborn hearing screening professionals, early childhood educators and anyone who deals with children with hearing loss

at last an inspiring new book containing 9 real life interviews from parents of deaf and hard of hearing children and highly successful deaf and hard of hearing adults.

each person in this book reveals their own personal journey with hearing loss and how they dealt with even the most difficult barriers of being deaf in a hearing world.

each person in this book provides practical, hands on, proven strategies and tips to ensure that you and your deaf child enjoy a happy, successful life

this book will make you feel less alone in your journey of raising your deaf child. From julie postance, author of breaking the sound barriers: 9 deaf success stories, melbourne, australia

has your child just been diagnosed with hearing loss? have you been experiencing the effects of hearing loss on your child and your family for several years?

then this message is for you. When your child was first diagnosed with hearing loss, it could quite possibly have been the most frightening, terrifying, daunting time of yo…read more detail…

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