Celebrating motherhood

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home | about | news | links | faq | contact celebrating motherhood contains true stories of mothers just like you it also includes poems, tributes to mothers, and children& 39;s funnies this is a "must-read" for every mother (and everyone who has a mother) this e-book is the perfect gift for mother s day, baby showers, birthdays, or any occasion upon purchasing, you are given access to two gift copies to send to the loved ones in your life

take a peek into this book . (first 14 pages) celebrating motherhood shares the experiences that many different women have had with motherhood. Discover the ups and downs and the joys and the sorrows that all mothers experience you will laugh and cry as you share in this unique bond of womanhood.

this e-book is regularly priced at $15.95. However, for a short time only, we will be offering it at the introductory low price of only $ 10.00

see what others have to say… This is beautiful wendy i& 39;m going through some terrible times right now, and believe the things you share can make me feel encouraged & help my tears

when you purchase the e-book celebrating motherhood, you are given access to a download page where you can download the book directly to your computer. You will also be able to send a gift copy of the e-book to two people of your choice. This means you will receive three copies of the book for the price of one that& 39;s a $30.00 value for only $10.00

you have everything to gai…read more detail…

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