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(and everyone’s going to be asking for your "secret" to having such fun and successful showers )

choose from 75 unique , exciting and beautifully-designed baby shower games for your next shower — some you won’t find anywhere else on the web all games are available for immediate download — no expertise required. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.

from: dana brigola thursday, 8:45 a.m. You’ve got a baby shower coming up. There’s a pressing question on your mind – "what games will you choose?"

you want baby shower games that will let’s face it. You’re busy with kids, work, or school and now you have a baby shower to host. You have too many things to plan and not enough time to get it all done.

these games are a big hit for the hostess who values her time and wants it all time is too precious to get caught up for hours on the internet searching for the best games. Your internet research has paid off – you’ve found the best games right here.

this all started when i created a couple of baby shower games for a friend’s baby shower. They were a huge hit with the guests and i was asked by more than one person where i had gotten them. That’s when a light bulb went off – i decided to create these 75 memorable and fun-filled baby shower games for the busy hostess.

i spent over 500 hours personally researching the internet, probing friends for the fun ideas, and creating the best games on the internet .

i even dr…read more detail…

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