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safety tips to keep your child safe welcome to the website of the safety book for kids keeping your child safe using a personal safety plan. The safety book for kids is a reference book you will use for years. It is designed to help you in the all-important task of raising your child safely, from birth through the early teen years.

the book is packed with over 1,000 safety tips in 41 articles, plus some supplemental information. These tips came from hundreds of safety experts.

here’s why it is so important that you develop a personal safety plan for your child: under the age of fifteen, 16.1 percent of boys and 12.1 percent of girls need emergency medical treatment every year due to an accident. Some of these injuries are life-altering. (source – 2005 national hospital ambulatory medical care survey. Latest statistics available.)

in the u.s., accidents kill more children each year than all diseases combined, according to the centers for disease control.

a unique feature of the book is the use of light-humored illustrations and true stories to help get the points across.

chevy chase is paid to look foolish in a theme park. Tom and debbie did it for nothing. From the minute they arrived at disney world with son michael and his pal, david, they lost control of the day. Chalk it up to too much adrenaline, and not enough planning. First, debbie wore the wrong shoes. Cute but painful. Two hours later she’s hobbling from blisters. Danny’s parents d…read more detail…

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