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how many hours of nighttimes sleep or naps should your child getting now? how about do you aware of your child’s sleep history? how does she fall asleep?does she feed a bottle, rocked, sung to, or placed in her bed awake? why my child can’t sleep at night? parent may looking for these answers for long i am sure. Here’s the typical case that you can tell "your children is struggling in sleep"

if your child’s sleep patterns cause a problem for you or for him, then he has a sleep problem, whether this problem is just an undesirable expression for normal function or reflection of an actual underlying emotional or physical disorder in the sense of a true psychological disturbance or a physiological abnormality of body function.

sometimes it is easy to see that such a problem exist. It is usually clear that a problem exist, for example, if your child commonly complains that he can’t fall asleep, or if you find you must be up with him repeatedly during the night. In fact, the most common problems are easy to recognize.

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