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if you are feeling powerless in your divorce, discover 7 powerful strategies you can start implementing today to take control, save $1,000’s and start winning according to experts, divorce in america is a $28 billion industry with the average divorce costing almost $20,000

skeptical? read every last word on this site and then ask yourself what your heart and gut tell you? you came here for a reason… Don’t ignore it saturday, 2:43 p.m. From: michael thomas, divorced dad and divorce coach to: anyone who is married i know what you are going through… I have been through two insane divorces. In the process i lost both of my homes and 3 kids i paid "extortion-like" legal fees in the amount of $86,490.47 for results that at times made it seem like my attorney worked for my ex. I spent hundreds of hours in anguish, lost way too many nights of sleep and shed untold thousands of tears just trying to be a parent. At times it seemed as though it could not get any worse… And then it would i know what a woman or a man can do to their ex in a divorce to maximize their success and to minimize their heartache, loss and feelings of failure

since 1986 , as a divorce coach with bay area divorce coach , i have helped thousands of women and men, mom’s and dad’s, people just like you and me, with all aspects of their divorce struggles. And the statistics on divorce are staggering i found that the sooner in their divorce or pre-divorce that i worked with someone – the b…read more detail…

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