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"every baby is a born genius. Discover how you can release the genius in your child … At the click of a button"

can you accelerate your child’s learning ability using a 5-minute a day program? the geniusmaker tm was engineered with the busy parent in mind, based on highly acclaimed right-brain training technique. If you have been inspired by the shichida method or the glenn doman method, this is a tool you can use. Now, genius making just got easier and faster…. And very affordable too…

"i guarantee that you can unleash the genius of your child faster than you ever thought possible "

from : the desk of elaine mak well, not "you" exactly … But like-minded parents, just like yourself, who have been inspired by the discoveries of early childhood educationists. Yes, every child has the potential to become a genius. Early childhood education experts have been proving this fact for more than 40 years. Experts like glenn doman and professor shichida have discovered that you can multiply your child’s intelligence with the right method, and tools. Glenn doman discovered that young children would rather learn than play. In fact, kids think that learning is playing. Professor shichida found that ages 0-3 is the period in which the child maximizes the utilization of the right brain. From ages 4-6, the child would start to switch to using the left-brain. In other words, the critical period of training the brain would be from ages …read more detail…

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