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attention: what do you do when a disaster strikes? do you evacuate? do you hunker down? do you have enough supplies to sustain you and your family for days or weeks? if you’ve ever wondered how you’ll get through the next disaster, then keep reading…

the statistics are crippling: every year in the us alone, there are hundreds of natural disasters all across the country. They strike all neighborhoods, rich and poor, in all areas, rural and urban. No matter where you live, you’re not totally safe from a natural disaster.

we’ve all seen what a hurricane can do – look at the devastating effects of hurricanes katrina and sandy.

they totally obliterated entire coastlines, leaving entire cities without food, water, power, gas, or other municipal services.

those who stayed were left to fend for themselves, and many resorted to looting and stealing just to stay alive.

those who left were left with nowhere to call home, and nowhere to go. If you were in a similar situation, what would you do? if you said no to any of the above, then you need to keep reading… Imagine waking up in the morning, and hearing a storm report on the weather. But, as the day grows longer, the story progresses – it’s getting bigger, stronger, and it’s headed right for your house.

you call your significant other, but the lines are all busy. The storm is supposed to hit by nightfall, so you get your kids from school and go home.

your significant other isn’t ther…read more detail…

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