How to grow taller children

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most grow taller websites will try to convince you that there is some magic way of still growing regardless of your age or growth plate closure. If you have seen many "grow taller" books you will know what i mean. Here at we are not trying to make a quick buck but rather help parents maximise their childrens height like i was able to do using my expertise in nutrition and other scientific knowledge i have gained over the last 30 years plus.

let me explain, at the age of 18 i stood at 5"3 and started university as one of the shortest guys in the entire university. My first year in university was unsuccessful in so many ways. To begin with the only thing i achieved that first year was some kind of record for consecutive days of partying in a row (somewhere in the 62 day region i believe). I had always been intelligent and successful academically so the 40% pass mark set for most of our classes to pass the first year was not a problem. The problem was most of my grades were between 46% and 54% which was dissapointing for someone who had always prided themselves on academic achievement.

i knew i had to get serious in my second year and did. No more alcohol, no more partying. I went to bed and woke up early and at a set time daily. My exercise regime intensified as i got more energy and i even joined the university soccer team. I started drinking only water and even had one week where i ate only fruits ( i am not a vegetarian…read more detail…

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