How to help your child beat depression

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do you know how to recognise if your child is depressed? do you want to know what practical steps you should take in order to help your child or teenager steer off or overcome depression?

i know how hard it is for parents who discover their children are suffering from depression. What can you do when you find out your child is depressed? who do you go to for advice and understanding when you don’t know what to do? how do you know what to say to your child when they tell you they are feeling depressed or even suicidal?

when do you know for certain that your child is depressed if they just won& 39;t talk to anyone about it?

if you went to your doctor for help, how would you know what to ask for and to get someone to take you seriously?

in my practice in kingston, surrey, england i see many parents/carers who have suffered for a long time because they found it difficult to obtain the right kind of advice and support when they really needed it.

i am sure you have felt the same kinds of frustrations… … But you are not to blame with 28 years of practical psychology experience, even i couldn& 39;t find anywhere that provided all the essential information in one simple, easy-to-read, single location

so that& 39;s why i decided to write this book for concerned parents and carers just like yourself. Written by both a clinical psychologist and a mother whose own teenager suffered from depression , this book discusses in an open and readable …read more detail…

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