How to raise kids gluten free

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attention: parents of kids with celiac disease this is an actual “prac tica l g uide” on how you can get your kids to survive and thrive despite celiac disease absolutely everything you need to know about raising gluten-free kids from infancy to their teenage years is right here “this was written by a parent, for parents.” what else can i say i love your book. It has been so helpful to me but particularly for my child. We can now go out to restaurants

i feel like t have got my life back . We set our kitchen up just like you recommended and now never get any cross contamination. Thanks for that advise.

and now i know where to get all the pre-manufacturedgluten-free food. Wow i never knew there was so much variety until i read this book.

my son was recently diagnosed as gluten intolerant, so i bought this book. I found it an invaluable resource and would i strongly recommend it to anyone looking for great advice and helpful hints and recommendations.

not only does it cover the medical aspects of the condition including what medical tests are available, but it offers a myriad of great practical information that i can apply to bringing up my children in this gluten-free world

first off, let’s begin with a pop quiz. I still remember the day the pediatrician told me my child had celiac disease. Back then, i would have answered this pop quiz with “all of the above” without even having to read all of the oth…read more detail…

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