Kids eating well

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i’m sure you are aware that obesity is becoming a huge problem these days, in the uk in 2010/2011 it was reported that one in ten children aged 4-5 years old were classed as obese.

when children as young as this are being classed as obese something has got to be done about it, and fast. If these trends don’t stop then the cycle will continue and the next generation of children will not have a chance of leading a long and healthy life.

no matter how old your child is, if you start teaching them about healthy eating they will keep that information with them for the rest of their lives and in turn teach it to their children.

i know from experience though, that trying to get your kids eating stuff that’s good for them is no easy task. It can be so frustrating as a parent when you know you want to do right by your child but just find it impossible to do so. They will try every trick in the book to avoid whatever you put in front of them at the dinner table.

but it really doesn’t have to be that way if you know exactly how to take action on teaching your children to try new things and embrace healthy food then you won’t have any of the stresses and frustrations which you are probably having now.

through hours of trying out different techniques with my daughter i was finally able to come up with a fool proof method of how you can get your children to eat healthy food everyday, try new foods and learn about the health benefits of these foods more detail…

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