Parenting your pre-teen

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the pre-teen years flag a crucial time of growth and transition… be the best parent you can be for your pre-teen, we show you how

the pre-teen years, which occur between the ages of 9 and 13 years, can be the most confusing and complicated phase you will ever face as you parent your child. These years signal the end of childhood, but not yet the beginning of fully fledged adolescence.

as a result, both children and parents easily feel overwhelmed by the rapid transitions and change that is experienced during the pre-teen years.

pre-teens are all different heights, weights, at different stages of growth and some show early signs of puberty while others do not. It’s very easy for kids to feel “different” somehow at this age or left out by their peers. They worry a lot about their friendships and what their peers think of them, and pre-teens can easily feel confused and insecure. They can feel physically awkward as their bodies change, or don’t change, depending on what’s occurring around them.

pre-teens want privacy, but need help and input; they test limits, but still exhibit more childlike qualities like deep trust in their parents; and they ultimately just want to start feeling respected as a special growing individual in their own right

so the pre-teen years are certainly complex, and can be very difficult for parents… but not if you have the roadmap you need to successfully and effectively paren…read more detail…

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