Pick the gender of your baby – how to determine the gender of your baby

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baby dylan’s parents had desperately wanted a baby boy to join his 3 older sisters. Thanks to ashley spencer, they got their wish.

if you ’ ve ever wished, begged or prayed for either a boy or a girl… Especially if your next child is your last chance… Then i know exactly how you feel.

and this letter very well may be the most important letter you ever read. As a mother, you love all of your children. But when you grow up dreaming of being a mom – you always dream of being a mom to your preferred gender. I sure did.

did you dream of watching your boy play with toy trucks in the mud? dream of watching him grow up in to a sweet, strong young man?

or did you dream of sharing a precious bond with your daughter as you comb through her shiny hair? i know exactly how you feel. And i, too, felt the dull pain and fear of never having my dream child.

i even felt guilty after having my third child… Because i was shaken to my core with depression after hearing "it ’ s a boy."

the dreams i looked forward to all my life were crashing down on me. I would have volunteered for medical research. I would have sold everything i owned. Fortunately i didn ’ t have to do any of those things. Instead, the answers to gender selection fell in to my lap as if by fate. By complete luck my husband stumbled upon well-established, but little-known medical science that lets you choose your baby’s gender with a 94.8% success rat…read more detail…

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