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welcome to where you’ll find out how a former midwife of 12 years and reknowned baby gender selection expert will teach you how to:

overcome your infertility fast , effectively and naturally give birth to healthy babies regardless of your age and history counteract and eliminate female and male infertility problems significantly improve your quality of your life through motherhood

these couples would always wonder and ask me the following questions… I heard these questions continuously from couples who couldn’t get pregnant. It really affected me emotionally because i could hear the pain and anguish in their voices when they asked these questions. I could see the pain and disbelief in their eyes over their inability to get pregnant despite months and some even after years of trying.

as a result, i was determined to find out every cause of infertility and what possible treatments were available, preferably those that were natural, since most couples cannot afford the expensive medical procedures to try to combat infertility, nor did i know of anyone who was eager to go see their physician or an infertility specialist and reveal that they were having trouble becoming pregnant. Certainly, being implanted with an embryo in a doctor’s office was not the idea that most couples had in mind when conceiving their baby.

i attended many courses on preconception that were conducted by reputable doctors. I interviewed pregnant couples (m…read more detail…

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