Secrets to homeschool group success

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"gain happy volunteers, active members and more precious time and energy with these simple, proven steps. . ."

your homeschool group can thrive with your leadership– and so can you extra offer: amazing mini-course to . . .”discover 4 proven ways to successfully avoid the top traps that trip up homeschool group leaders every time.”

. . .from two veteran leaders who uncovered these hidden gems and are sharing their hindsight wisdom with leaders everywhere.

to discover just how many homeschool group leaders agonize over getting their members to become more actively involved in their support groups. A whopping one-third of our readers want to know how to motivate parents to attend events regularly, to share the workload, to keep their word, and to get out of the “give-me” mode.

even as we began speaking to homeschool group leaders at workshops, we discovered that there is nothing new under the sun—everyone is dying to know how to inspire members to willingly contribute to the life of the group.

then it dawned on us. Why not take our combined years of leadership experience, distill them down to the very essence of what works for us and for others and put it into a power-packed resource that would skyrocket results for homeschool leaders who want to inspire their members to participate regularly and joyfully? out of a desire to help you, this e-book, one by one: the homeschool group leader’s guide to motiva…read more detail…

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