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kindergarten readiness and educational software for children. * the sleep through baby ™ system is a proven solution that has helped countless babies sleep through the night and take longer day time naps naturally.

tell me if this is your baby? i m a proud dad, father and a sound-engineer who stumbled upon an amazing discovery when our first child was having a hard time sleeping through.

i saw firsthand what the impact of sleep deprivation can have on a family. I used my sound-engineering skills to develop a natural solution in a desperate attempt to help my wife, and i ll admit, to help myself.

: ) whenever i was responsible for waking him up, my wife used to put our baby in my arms and say: you woke him up, now you entertain him for the next hour i didn t mind but boy was he difficult, because his sleep was cut short and he was unable to fall back asleep. My work fell behind and it became a vicious circle. A circle you may be familiar with. At least i can smile about this today, because i know what the solution is.

3. During the nights when he woke up we had a real hard time getting him back to sleep. And the more we tried, the more he became awoke.

as a dad and husband who were also affected with sleep loss, i had to make a plan, i had to find the answer. It was in this dark & desperate hour that a new idea was born. I went into the studio and created a sound track that will put our baby to sleep. After hours of research, fine tuni…read more detail…

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