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i f you are anything like me, you are having trouble trying to conceive. You may have already had some tests done, or you may just be wondering why nature is not taking the normal course.

trying to conceive with no results is incredibly frustrating having trouble getting pregnant is not something you ever think about when you imagine yourself with children.

most of the time, you spend years trying not to get pregnant, so you think that when you are ready to get pregnant, it should happen right away. But for a segment of the population, that does not happen.

the fact is, studies show that because couples are waiting until later in life to have a family, infertility problems are more common. Instead of having families in your 20s, people are now waiting until their 30s and 40s to conceive children.

whether it is because people are getting married later in life or putting off having a family to have a career, getting pregnant is not always as easy as it might seem.

but i really don’t have to tell you this, right? you know the heartache and worry that comes with not being able to conceive. You know how it feels to try month after month with no results.

you began the process of getting pregnant with such excitement, and happily shared the news that you are trying to conceive with family and friends. Now, months or even years later, you find that you dread the inevitable questions about whether or not you are pregnant. You look at other pre…read more detail…

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