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a proven program to lose post-pregnancy weight how would you like to lose pounds of fat and get your sexy, pre-pregnancy body back? i’m sumi singh, and i’m a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, diet coach, author, and mother. I have a master’s degree from duke university and hold multiple personal trainer and class instruction certifications.

i’ve written for fitness websites such as will brink’s brinkzone along with ultimate fat burner and have had my fitness modeling photos published in various print and online magazines.

most importantly, i ve learned how to best lose weight after pregnancy and am in better shape now than before i had my beautiful daughter. I’ve also created a great program that’s simple and effective.

as a working mom, i don’t have endless hours to waste on time-consuming and exhausting workouts. If you’re looking to shed the post pregnancy weight effectively and permanently, this program is for you.

what is stay at home strong? the author’s own before and after pictures i did it i have lost 30 lbs thanks to sumi singh, i have reached my goal. I am so thankful for all her help, guidance, motivation and faith. M.m.

what do you get with your purchase of stay at home strong? you don’t have to go to the gym every day or invest in fancy equipment or pay for a meal-delivery service to reach your goals and lose weight after your pregnancy. I will show you how to do this simply, safely, and effectively.

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