Surviving the affair | simple guide to a good life after the affair

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if you truly want to learn how to survive the affair and get past your partner s cheating, i can help you. Read this page immediately

date: june 8, 2009, 10:16 p.m. From: george garrett when i heard that my wife was having an affair, it was like someone had just hit me on the head with a baseball bat, and i definitely didn t see it coming. I felt numb and paralyzed. I couldn t even feel my body. I remember thinking how could this be? this is the person i trusted with my life she s cheating on me? she s sleeping with somebody else? this can t be happening. I m going to wake up from this nightmare

your experience and mine may be very similar. You re probably feeling like your world got completely blown to pieces, or someone just stuck a knife in your back. I nearly lost my mind.

life after the affair is a must read for anyone who has been in, will be in, or is presently in a relationship marriage or not.

george opens our eyes to reality and helps us to cope with infidelity by guiding us into an even better underlying mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

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