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from the portuguese home of living in the sun, moving abroad it often a dream to many, many people. The idea that you can enjoy the sunshine for most of the year, have cheap food and most of all have this wonderful slow pace of life is appealing.

i remember the day we moved as if it was yesterday. It was june the 8th 2008 and we were boarding a ferry into spain thinking to ourselves that this was probably the most important decision we had ever made. We have since crossed the border and enjoyed more than four years living the dream in sunny portugal.

there was the anxiety surrounding had we made the right decision or not and even now i would say absolutely . We followed our dreams and now each morning i wake up i still have a smile of my face the honeymoon certainly hasn& 39;t finished.

what we did realise though is that we were not prepared and we had not been given advice prior to our move which was awful.

when you move abroad, especially to a country were you don& 39;t speak the language you can have an absolute nightmare and we certainly did.

over the last few years we have helped many people move abroad and charged a consultancy fee for doing so. We have even blogged about our time living in portugal but have still found that we simply don& 39;t have the time to give one to one advice to everyone and this is why we have put together this fantastic ebook.

i just wanted to email you and say thank you for all the advice you have giv…read more detail

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