A taste of hungary recipe ebook

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discover the culinary treasures of this exotic nation, hungary, and spice up family eatings with recipes from the ebook.

i wrote this ebook to share my favourite hungarian recipes and help you make them, too. View all the recipes below by scrolling on the right. I think it is exciting it has a lot of great recipes , and beautiful photographs . My father was born in budapest. His family owned and ran the bodo coffeehouse in the early 1900’s, where they served this style food .

i can now make recipes and dream about what that era must have been like. Thanks to the dobos family for this wonderful cookbook .

andrea bodo – durham, new hampshire, usa i love the cookbook you’ve written the pictures are beautiful and really help to clarify the recipes. The recipes are wonderful, and your directions are very easy to understand

my ancestors were from risce, and i am very interested in the recipes that are handed down from generation to generation.

i’m sorry that i didn’t know about you when i traveled to hungary in 2004 to learn about hungarian baking. Thank you so much for all the work you have done to carry on the hungarian culinary traditions . When you publish your dessert cookbook, please let me know.

all the best, carol collier norwich, vermont, usa erzsebet, i like your cookbook very much. My friends here in australia love when i make hungarian dishes for them. They often ask about the preparation method and the ingredients. I have lots …read more detail

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