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welcome to luanda business contacts online. If you are looking for business partners in the emerging markets in africa like angola, this message is for you it will show you the way to business opportunity in angola.

with over 5000 contacts, theluanda business directorycontains the latest and complete information about your potential business partners in several categories including wholesalers, importers, distributors and retailers of assorted kind of products, goods and supplies in luanda, angolan capital.

it is publicly known that angola is a booming economy and its capital, luanda, is among the most lucrative marketplaces in the world due to a great demand for goods and services.

as one of the largest trading centre in south western africa, luanda is crowded with consumer-oriented people and offers unnumbered business opportunities to well-informed foreign entrepreneurs.

so, the luanda business directory 2013 lists the top 5000 company names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers of business and service providers in the angolan capital.

this unique tool is a perfect starting point for international exporters, local and foreign manufacturers, traders, merchants and distributors looking to establish direct contacts with their business counterparts in the lucrative market of luanda.

luanda is the focal point and the gate of all business running in angola. Over 90% of people with established business in other provinces of angola are com…read more detail

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