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affiliates click here to earn 50% with this unique product |get your marketing tools here from the desk of: david palmar have you been caught in the biggest cruise line money trap? huge profits are made by cruise lines selling you overpriced and over-crowded shore excursions. Shore excursions can cost more than the cruise itself… Airfare included wondering what i m talking about, since all your food, room and entertainment are included in the cost of the cruise? if you’ve cruised before you know exactly what i’m talking about while everything on the ship is included in the price you paid

it doesn t include anything you want to do on shore and even if you re an experienced cruiser you might not know there s a solution. Everyitinerary visits different ports and you may have a few hours to up to a day at a destination. Best thing is you’ll have the opportunity to explore these places and there are an infinite variety of ideas and experiences just waiting for you.

in fact, for many people, it s the shore excursions that add that extra pizzazz and spice to their cruise and give them those special lifetime memories.

but this is also one of the ways the cruise lines make huge profits – by selling you over-priced and over-crowded shore excursions.

now it s possible to have three times as much fun on shore excursions while only investing half the money .

here s why you should listen to me: as an in-demand enrichment lecturer for several cruise line…read more detail

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