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do you find yourself drawn to understanding more about the sacred feminine of ancient egypt? some people find the mythology of ancient cultures the most fascinating part of ancient history. And some are especially attracted to the ancient goddesses something about the mix of femininity and divine power stirs them deeply.

if you’re like that then you might want to e xplore the strength, beauty and charm of ancient egypt’s greatest goddesses .

read, learn and enjoy them until they course through your veins. Let the nile run through your blood this ebook solely concentrates on ancient egyptian goddesses. And although there are literally hundreds of them with endless little details, i ve hand-picked a collection of the absolute best the pure essentials, for your reading pleasure.

but alas, the ladies themselves will be the ones to sweep you off your feet j in ancient egypt s greatest goddesses , i take you through a journey of discovery and show you 23 of the most beautiful, mystical and significant female deities of the ancient egyptian pantheon.

ancient egypt s greatest goddesses is not written like an encyclopedia; the historical facts and archaeological details are weaved into the myths and stories themselves in a way that flows rather than lists.

it also includes original black and white illustrations as well as color photographs of ancient paintings.

many sections contain excerpts from our ancient sacred writings, like the book of t…read more detail

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