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kyoto guidebook – kyoto travel guide for the first visitors presented by a kyoto native resindet to meet a good guidebook makes your travel successful. This book focuses on how you taravel in kyoto with plenty of pictures to guide you kyoto easily. Kyoto native resident, yasu, picked up the points that kyoto travelers really want to know with a lot of kyoto tips. And all the readers can have full e-mail supports from yasu anytime to help you solve any concerns about your travel.

if you have any questions about this book and kyoto travel, please feel free to ask me:

this is one of the best travel books i’ve read. Every page has well labeled full color pictures to complement the text. The information in the book is clear and easy to read. There are listings and descriptions for different levels of hotels and restaurants in kyoto, and general travel tips. There is cross-referencing everywhere, for example a page that’s describing a major attraction will tell you where to go in the book to find hotels in that area. By far, the best thing about this book was the information about transportation and transfers from airport to the city and back. In chapter 5, i really enjoyed having some background on kyoto people and their history.

communication with yasu was a pleasure, he surely knows every part of kyoto and helps passionately and promptly”

*** support request examples that i received *** – what is the best places to see cherry blo…read more detail

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