Moving and living in spain

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discover the essential guide to living in spain… be prepared before… During… And after you make the move

the dream of living in spain with sun, ocean breezes, white sandy beaches and rich food makes it an inviting place to call home.

however… The thought of moving to spain brings up many questions. Questions like: when my wife and i moved to spain, we faced the same exact questions. Needless to say we learned a lot… The hard way. Fortunately my wife speaks the language, which definitely was a great help.

since 2003 we have answered thousands of questions from our own personal experience regarding life in spain at our website .

we hear it all the time very often the excitement of moving overshadows the details. A couple sees an ad boasting of the costa blanca’s great climate, inexpensive cost of living, and a simpler life.

they do some research, talk about it, and make the move. Then… Reality hits them. They are not prepared and must pay for an expense move back. But… The story could be much different with some help and our first hand experience.

our family moved to spain and we absolutely love it . It has been heartbreaking for us to watch so many people fail and families suffer, because of the lack of preparation in their move to spain.

we knew there was a better way… That is exactly why we decided to put together an ebook collection to help you and your family in planning your move to s…read more detail

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