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if you are here, you’re probably thinking about the possibility of moving to australia . This kind of choice is important and courageous, however, requires reflections that, if properly addressed, may make it less risky. Especially useful is starting with the right expectations.

what does it mean to emigrate today? it means first of all giving up a lifestyle that is something we know well.

before you go then, ask yourself a question: the answer is in one word: information . The idea of the book was born in the beginning as an extension of the blog . A kind of content of reflections not strictly related to my everyday life, but with a broader and more general experience that i am living.

over time, by meeting people and experiencing my own and failures and success, i noticed that livingin australiacan be nice, but also extremely disappointing, even though we start with the best will and a greatest enthusiasm, especially because the departure is not the last step in a serious reflection.

i wondered, then, why? what can i do to prevent people realizing that they made the wrong choicetoo late?

you can do anything if you really want to, but we have to be careful not to make a fundamental error: creating false expectations. It’s the first step, then everything else needs to be adjusted accordingly.

with the right approach australia offers so many opportunities, but on the condition that you take it as a package, with its strengt…read more detail

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