Secrets to exchanging timeshares into any resort in interval international

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into the bestinterval international resortsin the world learn how to stay in premier interval international resorts like marriott, hyatt, westin and hawaii r emember when you bought your timeshare and your salesperson showed you the interval international (ii) directory? you were led to believe that all you had to do was deposit your week, request where you want to go and you would be instantly confirmed to stay in a beautifully appointed villa in a 5 star resort.

what you have found is that you can’t get anything you want you called your resort and got no help there. You called ii and all they said was to request more in advance.

the people who do will learn how to stay in the best timeshares in the world while you continue to struggle year after year .

i know how frustrating it is when every time you call ii with your request they tell you "not available". So you start a search request, wait 6-12 months or more for a confirmation, and out of desperation, end up taking a resort you really didn’t want in the first place. Does this sound familiar to you?

and to add insult to injury, when you get there, the quality of the "resort" is less than desirable. You may have even had a year where you paid your maintenance fees but lost your week and ended up paying for a hotel on vacation.

when you reached the breaking point and decided to sell you found you can’t sell it for even half of what you paid in the back of your mind you …read more detail

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