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from the keyboard of: nick and belle london is one of the greatest cosmopolitan cities and the 4th largest economy of the world. If something is happening in life, chances are it is happening in london. Everybody in london seems to be living high off the hog yet liberality and tolerance are a basic part of their life. This metropolis warmly welcomes people from around the world and offers them incredible new lives and amazing opportunities if they know how to take advantage of it.

the dream of living in london with its cosmopolitan lifestyle, strong economy, multicultural society and hot opportunities makes it an ideal place to live in.

but when you think about moving to london, that thought brings up many questions and concerns: how do i actually get there? how good will things across the pond actually be? how can i get a visa? do i need any permits to live in london? what accommodations are available and are they affordable? how can i get a job in london? what is the best way to send money back to your loved ones in your motherland? what exactly is the social scene there? on that note, let us share our story with you when nick and i moved to london from australia a few years ago, we had the same questions on our minds. We were on a sticky wicket at the start.

we totally loved the experience of coming to london but in the beginning we did a lot of things wrong. Social networking wasn t as big then. Moving companies were few and far between, and we did a …read more detail

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