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we all know how much we hate to pay top dollar for flights and hotels when we’re traveling. Airlines today are charging exorbitant fares that are at an all-time high. To make matters worse on top of the high ticket prices, now they charge you extra for heavy luggage, big luggage and anything else they feel like. Oh, the nerve

and don’t get me started on the hotels. They want to charge you hundreds of dollars per night and then they have the audacity to squeeze even more money out of you when you want wifi in your room a basic necessity i used to pay those high prices too and i feel your pain trust me.

well, as the saying goes where there’s a will, there’s a way . After a ton of research, trial & error & some blood, sweat & tears i finally put together a system that allows me to travel the world for free on a regular basis .

if you’re an eager beaver and did some of your own research on how to circumvent these high costs associated with traveling, you may have tried buying vouchers on ebay or maybe even in a dark alley with a guy in a trench coat. I’ve done the ebay route, but it doesn’t even compare to how i take my flights now. Would you rather have a discounted’ ticket or a free ticket?

today, i get my flights & 038; hotels for free and enjoy everything that the road brings without the headaches, stress and high costs. The way i was able to achieve this is by leveraging credit card reward programs to travel when i want and stay …read more detail

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