Healthy eating for kids

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barbara schaffer despaired of ever teaching her daughter jennifer to eat healthily. Jennifer insisted she hated vegetables and fussed about any meals that did not feature her favorite foods, which included calorie bombs like french fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fish sticks. Jennifer’s weight was rising steadily, and she was oftentimes tired and dragging by the end of the school day.

barbara had tried everything from pleading to insisting that jennifer stay at the table until the last soggy carrot was eaten, to no avail – until she bought a copy of " healthy eating for kids. " it was with some trepidation that barbara packed the first recipe she tried – a gobble gobble sandwich – into jennifer’s school lunch. What if she didn’t like it? what if she wouldn’t eat it and went hungry the whole day? but to barbara’s great relief, the first thing that jennifer said when she walked in the door after school was, “mommy, lunch today was great “

soon, jennifer was actively involved in picking out her own healthy meals, and even learning to cook the simple, kid-friendly recipes herself. Meanwhile, she found herself feeling more energetic, more cheerful, and doing better in school, thanks to her nutrient-packed diet.

why did "healthy eating for kids" make such a big difference in jennifer’s life, where other attempts to improve her eating habits failed? the secret is that healthy eating concentrates on creating meals that are not only nutritious…read more detail