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" thank you very much for the timely responses.. . it worked like a charm and everything’s running great. Thank you again and to all of you and yours, have a merry christmas and a happy new year." " before xoftspyse my antivirus software could not get rid of that troublesome winfixer trojan, but y’all came through with timely, courteous, personalized support that killed that bug in no time flat thanks " " i turned 50 yesterday so this is another present… A winfixer-free machine. Thankyou your personal customer support is outstanding."

" you guys are pretty darn good. Considering the fact that i’ve tried every software program on the market to remove the smitfraud-c junk from my pc and registry. The fact that spybot found it and couldn’t do anything about it says something about your software and the support xoftspyse has given me. For the first time in ages, i think my pc is finally clean."

" i feel very happy to inform you that, after the use of your excellent program for spy- killing, i have finally got rid of at least 800… Parasits, that were stalling my pc. Now, my computer is running like new keep the good business on my dears. All the best to all of you."

as with all paretologic products, xoftspyse anti-spyware 7.0 is backed by the company’s respected customer care and support team. If you have any questions or concerns, this trusted and proven group of tech professionals is here to take care of …read more detail

Wundelete pro simple file recovery and rescue utility!

Wundelete pro simple file recovery and rescue utility!

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whether it s a slip of the finger or a glitch in windows, doesn t it always seem that it s the most important files that get deleted and can t be recovered, and just at the wrong moment?

when you lose a word processing document, spreadsheet, family photos, source code file, or some other important file, hours of hard work can go up in smoke in a digital second when a valuable file disappears.

sure, windows has a recycle bin , that s supposed to let you recover a deleted file, but it doesn t always work…

worse, files that are deleted by application software, or when you hit shift->delete, delete files en mass, or when an application crashes, bypass the recycle bin altogether so there is no chance of getting them back once that happens.

buy wundelete pro now for just $39.95 special reduced introductory price for limited time 50% off buy now for just $19.95 wundelete is the fastest and easiest way to recover lost files that you thought were gone forever. Wundelete doesn t depend upon the recycle bin or weak undelete procedures. It goes straight to the disk drive to identify and recover the file fragments that are still intact but windows doesn t know how to find.

you see, when a file gets deleted it isn t actually removed from your hard drive. Windows simply drops the pointer that allows it to access the file.

this means that although you can t use regular software, or windows explorer to recover the file, it can be restored as long…read more detail

Wpsubscribers – premium wordpress subscription plugin – triple your opt-in list instantly

Wpsubscribers – premium wordpress subscription plugin – triple your opt-in list instantly

http://i.ytimg.com/vi/hge47osn4eq/hqdefault.jpg” height=”240″ width=”320″ />
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hi friends and marketers from around the world here s the breakdown of 10,000 signups and how they signed up source: steve warwick, used with permission there s one very definite conclusion to draw from these numbers: this sounds like a lot of work it s like you need one plugin for a popup, another plugin for a footer , and another plugin for exit redirection popups just to make this all work

what a lot of bother and hassle you have to d oes everything that you would expect what s amazing is we ve barely scratched the surface there s even still more that you can do.with wpsubscribers some of these features have been freshly added . Wpsubscribers allows you complete and total flexibiilty and customization change the look (oops did we mention the built-in custom templates ?) how often you want an optin to show up, when you want it to show up and so much more

look i want this to be . Only with wpsubscribers, you can create unlimited number of subscribe forms include popup forms, footer bar forms, custom forms, exit popups and each of them can has its own content and can be used separated at the same time.

this feature is extremely useful when your website targets multi topics with different types of visitors or has multiple landing-pages.

wpsubscribers could be used with any email service such as aweber, mailchimp, icontact, getresponse, prosender, emailaces, turbo autoresponders, google feedburner or your own service.

wpsubscribers is designed…read more detail

Wp starter guide – wordpress tutorial

Wp starter guide – wordpress tutorial

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you are about to gain a tremendous advantage over most wordpress users when it comes to creating a website.

wordpress was originally designed for news-oriented sites, but because of its ease of use and flexibility, people are now using it to create all kinds of websites.

the problem is, most wordpress sites aren’t really "news sites", but the average user doesn’t know how to effectively use the wordpress menu function and static pages to create a website with a logical navigation and optimal content layout.

fact: not every wordpress site should be organized in a total blog format with only categories and posts . WordPress is not just for blogs.

fact: too many users fail to make effective use of static landing pages, causing their important content and visitors to get lost in a sea of dated posts .

fact: traditional static website owners shy away from using wordpress because they assume their content can only be organized in reverse chronological order.

fact: existing wordpress users struggle to make their menus link to the pages they want. The wp starter guide is not only the perfect starter guide for anyone new to wordpress, but it will show you how to make the best use of the dynamic and static functionality so your content is organized in the most logical way for your visitors.

if you are intimidated by wordpress, this guide will make learning a breeze – 125 pages (pdf) of up-to-date information on how to use wordp…read more detail

Wp pipeline

Wp pipeline

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wordpress can either be the biggest godsend or in the worst case scenario almost bankrupt you. We are experts at wordpress and want to show you some secrets that we have recently discovered that almost no-one is talking about.

this site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by wordpress, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by wordpress.read more detail

Worker software – article blog worker, article rewrite worker, article submit worker and pad submit worker

Worker software – article blog worker, article rewrite worker, article submit worker and pad submit worker

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submit pad to over 1000 sites within 20 mins submit article to numerous wordpress blogs pad submit worker + article rewrite worker + article blog worker three software collection, practical seo utilities pad submit worker is the single best submission tool that can not only increase your sales by bringing a great many downloads, but also achieve good seo by increasing search volume and improving website ranking. Now this submission tool is being used by tens of thousands of the internet vendors to submit their pad files.

article rewrite worker is the best article rewrite software specializing in producing high quality & easily readable articles in seconds. The built-in word stock allows you to rewrite keyword targeted contents that google/yahoo/bing will love

article blog worker offers the easiest, efficient, time-tested way to generate professional and keyword centered articles with powerful wheel links. At the same time, it can automatically submits the articles to hundreds of wordpress blogs even when you are out for fun.

it may safely be said that clickbank worker is the most authoritative sales data analysis tool in the world. You cannot make big money on clickbank.com without it. More, it’s 100% for free .

just to let you know my daily income has exploded since i ordered this software worker package. From article rewrite to submission, they completely free me from the heavy and boring seo work. In june alone i’ve made $5,896.32. Cool. Hom…read more detail

WordPress writeagain! plugin: wordpress rewriter | rewrite all your copied contents & wordpress posts | copyscape passed articles

WordPress writeagain! plugin: wordpress rewriter | rewrite all your copied contents & wordpress posts | copyscape passed articles

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rewrite all your duplicate contents automatically are we telling the truth? you& 39;ll never know but that& 39;s not the point don’t wait to place your order or you will miss out on a rare chance to save the discounted price get your wordpress plugin writeagain today by clicking the order button below.

i received the plugin really quick and installed on one of my blogs. It works great definitely worth the price he is asking as it can save you lots of work with blog articles. Once activated, it seamlessly rewrites all blog articles automatically so very nice work.

i received the review copy pretty quick and i installed the plugin on one of my blogs. It works good it can saves you a lots of time trying to rewrite your copied blog articles. Once activated, it starts working automatically, surely it worth the price of $50.

great service. Very fast action as said. Recommended to others. His plugin is very fast if you want to create wordpress blogs very quickly without spending hours in writing time to utilize the plr articles by using this plugin.

wow..wow..wow. Instant quality content within a second ; just a click of activation of the plugin and pass copyscape. It’s no surprise that what rewrite plugins do and i quite disappoint a lot of rewrite plugins. The reason: not readable friendly. Now the guy break the rule with writeagain

all my duplicate content from article directory turn into fresh quality content even without losing…read more detail

Video user manuals | a video tutorial and user manual plugin to teach your clients how to use wordpress

video user manuals | a video tutorial and user manual plugin to teach your clients how to use wordpress

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developers always underestimate how much time they spend on preparing tutorials and answering client questions. Fill in the form below, and we think you will be surprised.

producing manuals for your clients costs you: we have made the plugin easily rebrandable so you can add your own logos and text, giving your clients a professional manual for their new website

we know they will be times when you want to hide certain videos, or even add your own videos to section. You have total control to do this. We have now introduced a master profile, which means you can customise your sites in seconds.

we have worked closely with joost de valk to produce 4 videos which will explain the seo panel your clients see when they edit a post or page.

as wordpress updates (quite frequently these days), we automatically produce new videos and a new version of the written manual. You don’t have to do anything.

we cover version 2.8 through to 3.5 and update the manual after each stable release. Our video tutorials and written manuals our now available in foreign languages and even accents view samples in each accent:

our high-quality video tutorials are professionally voiced, and cover every aspect of wordpress’s functionality in a non-technical language that your clients will understand.

our well-written and comprehensive manual covers every aspect of wordpress’s functionality in a non-technical and easy language.

due to popular demand we hav…read more detail

WordPress tutorial videos course | wordpress tutorial videos

WordPress tutorial videos course | wordpress tutorial videos

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courtney s wordpress training has helped me so much from setting up properly to marketing and driving traffic and all the tips, tricks, and strategies in between i now know and understand all the critical gaps that i had been missing. His over-the-shoulder style of video presentations allows even a beginner to easily follow along, learn, and apply. I also loved how courtney went above and beyond my expectations to make a video for a question i had. This is a mentor who genuinely cares about your success, and i really appreciate that i couldn t be more pleased, as i feel like i went from wordpress zero to wordpress ninja through these tutorials thanks for helping me succeed, courtney

watch me build “this website” from the ground up…. In real time this is a complete,,, step by step wordpress video training series with over 60 instructional videos on how to construct a solid website which is optimized for the search engines.

you will learn all of the basics as well as advanced web design techniques. Plus much more this is not a skimpy run of the mill wordpress training course, you will also get complete training on how to properly optimize your site and then i’ll show you how to promote your website.

full length videos – no short 3 minute quick tip type of videos. The average video is about ten minutes long.

step by step – i don’t take anything for granted. I show how to do everything slowly and methodically. No reason to rush so it’s not fast paced…read more detail

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