How to cowboy up and stop being such a pussy

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if you or another male you know carries a man purse, visits tanning salons, wears a bicycle helmet, or listens to kenny g, then this is a must read. Skip the pitch, and drop to the bottom of the page to buy.

“i thought a bicycle helmet was manditory. I had no idea it made me look like such a wimp.” – brent m. New york “i used to play high school football, i was pretty good in fact. I never thought i had a problem- until reading max’s book, i didn’t even realize i was drinking through a straw, only eating meat on sunday, and driving a minivan. Truth be told, i haven’t said a bad word in years.” – shanus c. Dallas, tx “only days after reading “how to cowboy up…” i started getting respect from my girlfriend. She kicked her ex-boyfriend out of our apartment, for good- and i told him if he didn’t pay us the back rent, i was gonna kick his butt – thanks max “- colub s. Laramie, wyo. “max’s recipe for “bikini remover” was worth the cost of the book in and of itself. I was lucky enough to be invited to my neighbors pool party recently where his daughter, home from college had a bunch of her co-eds attend, and i made a few pitchers. This guy knows his stuff, that’s all i’m saying.”- gary b tampa fla. “i had a squirrel in my fireplace for a week. Afraid to confront it, i read max’s book cover to cover- then i wacked the little bugger. Thanks max ” peter k. Bangor, mn. “this product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old.”

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